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Rachele Moscatelli, born in 1993 in Como, Italy, currently lives and works in Milan. She holds an M.A. in Graphics from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera and is an interdisciplinary visual artist whose work spans painting, collage, calcographic engraving, monotype, and digital photographic manipulation. Her distinctive style is characterized by bold lines and vibrant colors.

Moscatelli's art explores themes of female identity, approaching the subject with a non-prejudiced yet non-ideological lens. She often draws inspiration from ancient art, juxtaposing it with ultramodern elements that disrupt traditional imagery, creating a sense of floating in an aseptic space or a space defined by signs. Her subjects are frequently derived from the world of fashion, where she meticulously layers colors to create rich textures and surfaces.

A hallmark of Moscatelli's work is her obsessive attention to detail. This focus invites viewers to engage closely with her pieces, discovering hidden worlds and personal connections upon closer inspection. From a distance, her compositions appear beautifully cohesive, but up close, they reveal intricate details that evoke personal memories and emotions.

Her creative process is deeply rooted in her childhood memories and an extensive photographic archive. She blends and reinterprets these past memories, transforming them into contemporary forms. The skin in her work serves not only as a theme and texture but also as a dynamic canvas, giving her pieces a lifelike quality as if the surfaces themselves breathe.

Moscatelli has a profound connection with the world of artists' books, using them as a medium of expression. She has also ventured into digital and illustrated animation, creating hybrids between analog and digital techniques. Her work continuously seeks to harmonize these mediums, achieving a successful integration and balance between them.



Born in 1993 in Como, Italy.

Lives and works in Milan, Italy.



2018 – Postgraduation, Graphics, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy

2016 – Undergraduation, Graphics, Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, Milan, Italy



2024 - “Strappo”, Sartoria Bassani, Milan, Italy

2022 – “Babies”, Temporary place, Bergamo, Italy

2020 - “Icon”, Studio d’Arte Cannaviello Gallery, Milan, Italy



2019 - “Quarta rassegna biennale del libro d’artista”, Galleria Fondazione dei Monti Uniti, Foggia, Italy

2018 - “Arte in circolo”, GAM, Piacenza, Italy

2018 - “XIV Biennal of Graphic Arts”, Palazzo Brunenghi, Cremona, Italy

2018 - “Temperature 2018”, Changsha Library, Hunan, China

2018 - “Spatium. Le stanze del contemporaneo”, prigioni Castello di Covo, Bergamo, Italy

2018 - “Milano Graphic Art”, Castello Sforzesco, Milan, Italy

2018 - “Carta Bianca: Quattro + uno”, Atelier Alfonso Fratteggiani Bianchi, Rocca di Sant’Apollinare,

             Perugia, Italy

2017 - “Libri d’artista a Palazzo”, Palazzina Appiani, Milan, Italy

2017- “Sul filo di Seta”, Villa Carlotta, Como, Italy

2017- “Osservatorio 9, la carica dei 104”, Palazzo Mandelli, Pavia, Italy

2016 - “Ich Bin Hier”, Fondazione Mudima, Milan, Italy

2016 - “Como di Seta”, San Pietro in Atrio, Como, Italy

2015 - “Statements 2015.2”, Circoloquadro, Milan, Italy

2015 - “Salon 2015”, Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy


2022 - Noisé - The Solstice - Issue 01- Inside critical text dedicated to the artist, “Came from fashion, Back to nature” by Murphy Guo
2021 - BBArtin - Inside critical text dedicated to the artist, by Murphy Guo.

2020 - Opera Magazine - Inside critical text dedicated to the artist: “Sine contactu / Ex Voto suscepto” by Giulia Cacciola
2020 - Kaltblut Magazine - Inside article dedicated to the artist: “Introducing Rachele Moscatelli”

2019 - Purplehaze Magazine -  Inside article dedicated to the artist: “Femme”
2019 - Kunst Magazine - Inside interview dedicated to the artist.
2019 -  Nicotine Magazine - Inside article dedicated to the artist: “Femme”
2019 - Urban Contest Magazine - Inside article dedicated to the artist: “Rachele Moscatelli e le sue icone multistrato”

2019 - Osso Magazine - Inside article dedicated to the artist: “Le donne manipolate di Rachele Moscatelli”
2016 - Cover Art for Arbiter - Inside an article dedicated to the artist by Giuseppe Frangi

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